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You start by creating an account with us. We take minimal basic info from you to build your profile. Then you add all your bank cards, phone SIMS, apps and online accounts you want to be able to shut down simultaneously when your phone gets nicked.


Download the app


Add Bank cards


Create your networks


Sit back and relax


Lost your phone? Hit Nuke


Restore and reset
1. Download the app

Simply download the Nuke From Orbit app or sign up online with your name, date of birth, email and mobile.

2. Add bank cards

Add your bank cards. Its free for one year from the launch of Nuke to allow you all to get on board and be appreciating the service. Then a minimal annual fee will apply – literally peanuts – a small price to pay for peace of mind.

3. Create your networks

If your phone or laptop gets stolen, you can log into another device and hit the Nuke. If you dont have another device to hand, fear not!

This is where the power of your network, your atomic bonds if you will, comes into play. Anyone in your network is able to securely login to their account, select your name, and once you enter your unique PIN you’ve full access to your assets to Nuke them.

4. Sit back and don’t use Nuke (hopefully)
5. If the worst happens – activate Nuke

Your phone’s been stolen, you don’t have a laptop with you…but if you’re with someone you’ve added to your network within the Nuke app or, in a venue partner location, you can quickly access your account and…Nuke From Orbit. Thus cancelling your cards and preventing theft.

6. Restore Access

Once you’ve stopped things in their track, Nuke’s work is done. Time to add new cards and reset.

For your security, we can’t order new cards or SIMs or find or show you new passwords. Once you’re set up with a phone again you’ll need to contact your card issuers to get replacements, (add them to Nuke) and use the password reset functions in your various apps and online accounts to get back into them. (Yes it’s a pain, but it’s way better than if you hadn’t had Nuke in your corner.)

Nuke from Orbit - this app could save your life

Smartphone Security. Simplified