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(and other amazing coverage from the last few months)

Date: 14th May 2024

Jane Austin didn't work in marketing. But if she had, she might have said something like this:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a tech company in possession of a good idea, must be in want of publicity.”

You said it, Alt-Jane Austin. Any boy
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Mobile security: are banks taking it seriously enough?

Date: 25th January 2024

When researching whether Nuke From Orbit could be a goer in April 2023, our desk research into mobile security flagged up an interesting story on the BBC. A pickpocket stole Jacopo de Simone's mobile phone and used his banking apps to steal £22,500. What ma

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iPhone 17.3 – Stolen Phone Mode

What the update means for Nuke (and you!)

Date: 18th January 2024

If you've read anything about us, you'll know Nuke From Orbit was conceived after my phone was stolen on a night out. I would later realise the thief stole tens of thousands of pounds from the cards in my Apple wallet. And as reported this week, it's an all-to

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My Web Summit experience

Great expectations?

Date: 20th November 2023

I didn’t really have an appreciation of what we were going to find at Web Summit because although I've done trade shows with my other company, Kobas, before, they've been very sector-specific, trying to sell to a service to a targeted audience. This felt like

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