Our values

Who we are, what we stand for and how we act.

At Nuke From Orbit, some core values guide our work, so we always do right by our users, colleagues and society. These are:


As a user of Nuke, we believe you’ll always get a good deal for our service offering. That’s why we made it free for the first year. And at the point Nuke is achieving its potential, then, and only then, will we seek to monetise it. We think that’s a pretty good deal, but we know we’re getting a lot from you as our early adopter / advocates, and as we go on this journey together, we hope to be able to reward you by keeping our price as low as possible.

For employees at Nuke From Orbit, we benchmark salaries and benefits packages with the rest of the industry and then look to one-up them where we can. It’s fair to say that it’s been a turbulent few years for employees in the tech industry, and we’re trying to create a stable working environment where there aren’t these massive hire and fire cycles you see where companies are chasing the dragon. Or the Unicorn. Or whatever mythical beast is hot right now. We’ll only hire when we know we can give someone a long-term future, and we’ll only grow at the rate the market dictates to us because that’s fair to everyone, including investors and technology partners.


Honestly (see what we did there?), honesty, openness and transparency were some of the first words jotted down when we started to map out our core values and beliefs. And they’re so important because you can’t have confidence in the Nuke platform to do what it says it will do without all three. If we weren’t honest with you about the limitations of the technology, if we weren’t open about our roadmap and where the product is right now versus where we want it to be, if we weren’t transparent about the fact that eventually, this will be a paid for service, then you’d inevitably end up pretty disappointed.

And the same goes for other stakeholders. Investors know we’re making it free for a year, and they’ve invested on that basis. Employees know how hard we all have to work to get this thing motoring, and they’ve joined us on this incredible journey with their eyes wide open. If this were easy, someone would have done it before, but they haven’t, and it isn’t.


Every technology company will tell you they are an innovator and are almost certainly telling the truth. But that doesn’t stop the cliche from ringing a bit hollow when you’ve heard it for the umpteenth time. We haven’t invented a brand-new technology but used existing technology (primarily APIs) to solve a complex challenge.

For us, the idea is the innovation. But we have only been able to bring that innovative approach to problem-solving to bear by standing on the shoulders of giants. We’re not writing the next AI, we’re not quantum computing or something in crypto. We’re putting tried and tested, somewhat boring, established technologies together to fill a hole in our cyber security.


We founded Nuke From Orbit to do one thing and one thing only — block access to critical information. We are laser-focused on creating a functional and intuitive platform, making it easy for users to stay in control of their data. We know the problem we’re solving and where the roadmap takes us, and we’re excited to be on that journey with you! We won’t add bells and whistles if that compromises the user experience because we know you’re unlikely to spend a heap of time using our platform. You could…but it’s a beautiful world out there, so get out and explore, safe in the knowledge that if you do end up in a sticky spot, we’ve got your back.