Our History

It’s early days, but here’s Nuke From Orbit’s journey so far.


2023 Disaster strikes

Our story begins, like many good stories do, on a night out in Dublin. While out with friends, Our CEO James O’Sullivan’s phone goes AWOL. Once home (his friends kindly popped him in a taxi), he tried to track his phone from another device, only to find his Apple password had been changed.

Panic started to set in as emails started to come through saying his bank card had been declined in a shop, and he couldn’t reset his Apple password without his phone, creating a catch-22. So he started calling the banks, only to discover that tens of thousands of pounds had been spent across the cards in his Apple Pay wallet.

It took about six hours for him to cancel all of his cards and change the passwords on various accounts accessible via the device, but by that time, the damage had already been done.

James searched high and low for a better “break glass in case of emergency” solution but couldn’t find one. An idea was forming…


A phoenix rises from the flames

OK, maybe we’re being overly dramatic, but it’s not often things go so badly wrong that you decide to set up a company to fix the problem. But that’s exactly what James did. He got on the phone with long-time collaborator Neil Mukerji and convinced him to become co-founder and CIO. The pair set about creating Nuke From Orbit, working to find investors and key personnel to help bring their vision to life.

Investment and C-suite expansion

Pre-seed investors come on board to get the ball rolling and enable Neil and James to build their dream team. Max Deeley joins as CMO to develop a brand that matches the ambition of their project, and Alex Dobrescu as CTO to lead the development of this ground-breaking technology.